Key Success Factors
Core Services

- Competitive prices
- Good quality and reliable services
- Guaranteed Customer satisfaction
- Provide fully trained staff and dedicated site supervisors
- Comprehensive logging system to ensure security and reliability    fore our customers
- We can work at short notice
- We use exclusive detergents that are friendlier

- Office Cleaning
- Carpet Cleaning and maintenance
- Upholstery Cleaning
- Floor cleaning and maintenance
- Home cleaning
- Compound maintenance and fumigation
- Window cleaning
- Curtain and blind cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Our offer a wide variety of carpet services from residential to commercial and industrial cleaning. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of carpet cleaning and will help you to prolong your carpet’s life. Always remember….. Little care, watchful maintenance with occasional cleaning contributes to the beauty of your carpets and makes them last longer.

Office Cleaning We professionally clean your offices. A cleaning timetable is made so as to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. We clean all the corners of the office, general dusting and restroom cleaning and deodorizing. We also supply toiletries. We do our cleaning at a time convenient to our clients depending on their choice; we are always at your service and have “Excuse Policy”.
Upholstery Cleaning Our cleaning process will include; pre-inspection, cleaning and speed drying. With the use of our system your upholstery will be cleaned and dried immediately. We vacuum the fabric first to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. Our staff will determine inspecting the fabric before cleaning does the destiny of your furniture by inspecting he fabric before cleaning to sustain quality of your products.

Floor Cleaning and maintenance All floors need maintenance be it stone floor, terrazzo ceramic tiles or even marble. At Clean Plus professional services we carefully select the material and equipment we use to clean each floor. This involves a series of stages from scrubbing, to mopping and polishing. We will rejuvenate your faded floor to its original luster.

Home Cleaning

Our Company offers a professional touch to residences. We have a package that includes Windows, Curtains, Mattresses, fumigation, floor, Upholstery, Fridges, Cookers and Garbage Collection and compound maintenance.

Compound maintenance Our cleanup services include mowing grass, pulling weeds, trimming trees spraying herbicide and removing trash. No job is too small or large; we have the right equipment for any task given to us.
Fumigation We carry or contractual jobs for pest control in organizations and residential. We control in-house insects, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, and rats and compound dangerous animals like snakes and rodents. Our staff also provides free advisory services on pest control. We use environmental friendly pesticicides.
Staff Our staff are neatly dressed in uniforms with nametags for easy identification they are experienced in all aspects of cleaning and hygiene. Our staff is carefully selected to provide you with outstanding cleaning services. We create happy faces everyday
Equipment Our cleaning equipment includes spray extract machines, scrubbing machines, vacuum cleaners, and fully equipped trolleys with mops, brushes and environmental friendly detergents. We use modern technology cleaning machines that work quietly and do not inconvenience our clients at whatever time they our services be it during hours or after.



We display caution signs informing our clients that cleaning is in progress to avoid accidents and take care of our clients.

Our staff on site has protective wear, uniforms shoes, gloves that match the activity to be handled.

Practical Emergency in case of accident; all or staff are trained on how to handle emergencies. Our staff will report anything that will cause danger or need urgent attention.

REVIEW AND FEEDBACK: Our Quality Controller will hand in a report monthly keep track of quality service to the Management.

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